Praluent: New Cholesterol Drugs Get Riskier By The Day

| January 15, 2015

Big Pharma seems intent in sticking to its backward way of thinking when it comes to cholesterol. So far their efforts, to create a drug that can prevent heart disease failed miserably.

Fortunately, many people have cottoned onto the fact that lowering cholesterol to ridiculously low levels with drugs is a bad idea because it can seriously put your health at risk. In the last few years, even some mainstream experts are beginning to agree that the Big Pharma has got it all wrong and that cholesterol is not the villain it is made out to be.

As a result, fewer people are taking cholesterol-lowering statin drugs and there is no doubt Big Pharma will feel this in their pockets — these drugs are among the top-selling of all time raking in billions of pounds each year.

However, instead of trying a different approach, Big Pharma and its cronies have their minds set on developing new cholesterol-lowering drugs, which are proving to be even more dangerous.

Cholesterol drugs: Going one step too far

Recently, the pharmaceutical giant Sanofi submitted its application to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for the approval of a new cholesterol-lowering drug, Praluent (alirocumab).

Praluent is in a class of drug known as PCSK9 inhibitors. It is intended for the treatment of patients with hypercholesterolemia — people with hereditary high cholesterol. PCSK9 promises to reduce LDL cholesterol levels to previously unheard of lows… dangerously low levels!

The bigwigs at Sanofi are probably rubbing their hands together as they wait for the EMA’s approval, because as far as they are concerned they have struck gold.

Statin drugs reduce your cholesterol by blocking an enzyme in your liver that is responsible for making cholesterol. When taking a statin drug, people are usually able to reduce their cholesterol to between 70 and 100 mg/dL. However, patients with hypercholesterolemia usually cannot reach the ridiculously low targets set by the mainstream and that’s where PCSK9 inhibitors come into the picture.

According to Dr. Elliott Antman, president-elect of the American Heart Association and a dean at Harvard Medical School, PCSK9 inhibitors can reduce cholesterol levels to below 50 mg/dL.

That’s just madness! Too low cholesterol levels — even for those with hypercholesterolemia — will make patients vulnerable to a host of health problems. For example, research published in the journal Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology, showed that low cholesterol levels are associated with poor memory and even memory loss in middle-aged adults. That’s because cholesterol helps your brain form memories and it is vital to your neurological function.

Here’s where the prospect of Praluent hitting the market gets a bit more disturbing: When the company submitted its approval for Praluent to the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the first thing the agency said was that it was concerned about the neurocognitive side effects these drugs have shown.

That’s right, PCSK9 inhibitors damage your brain.

In fact, the FDA is so concerned about the detrimental effect these drugs can have on your brain that it asked Sanofi to show neurocognitive testing in outcomes trials. In other words, the drug maker needs to show that Praluent won’t fry your brain.

Furthermore, studies have also shown that if your cholesterol levels are too low, and if these low levels begin to affect your brain, you increase your risk of dementia, violent and aggressive behaviour, depression, suicide, cancer, Parkinson’s disease — and likely heart disease, as a result of cholesterol sulphate deficiency.

Cholesterol drugs: It’s time to dig deeper

Yes, that’s right, too low cholesterol levels may cause heart disease. A well-respected researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, recently said in an interview: “Heart disease, is a cholesterol deficiency problem, and in particular a cholesterol sulphate deficiency problem…”

Dr. Seneff points out that all of the information is available in research literature, to support her statement. By carefully dissecting all the research available on heart disease, she has come to the conclusion that the mechanism we call “cardiovascular disease,” of which arterial plaque is a hallmark, is actually your body’s way to compensate for not having enough cholesterol sulphate.

Now there’s a surprise, especially since conventional medicine has been telling us for years that heart disease is due to elevated cholesterol levels and it has been recommending that we lower our cholesterol to extremely low levels… levels that clearly harm our overall health…

Perhaps it’s time for Big Pharma to throw in the towel. Their drugs seem to be becoming more vicious and more damaging and they still have not figured out what really lies at the root of the problem.

And if you pay attention to what Dr. Seneff says, then these snake oil salesmen definitely have been pulling the wool over our eyes for much longer than we know.

As a sufferer of with hypercholesterolemia, one thing is certain, you won’t see me taking a statin drug and you certainly won’t ever see me anywhere near PCSK9 inhibitors.

Here's to keeping your heart strong and healthy

Francois Lubbe
for The Cholesterol Truth

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Comments (41)

Testimonials are based on the personal experience of individuals. Results are not typical and the potential benefits of taking any drug or supplement may vary depending on your individual needs and health requirements. Please consult your GP before making any changes to your medical regimen.

  1. Walter says:

    I’m writing this for my husband who has had horrendous side effects we believe are caused from this drug. He has been on praluent for six months and complained of similar side effects but nothing drastic, until last weekend when he became severely ill with stomach aches, body pains, sweats, burning skin, agitation , he is normally a mellow accepting guy. His head began burning & sweating, while he had chills in his body, his hands & feet began to tingle with numbness, he had a cough with excessive mucous.
    We went to the emergency room yesterday and they checked him up & down blood, urine sputum, ct scan, X-ray and he walked away with a clean bill of health. Well he is not, he continues to suffer these effects which, after reading all of this formation is likely related to taking praluent. He was due to take it this past Tuesday, but didn’t due to feeling so ill, he has decided he will not take it again and I can only hope to get back my loving Mick.

  2. Peter Rundell says:

    I have been on pralurent for a year. Yes stations were not doing it. Over two months ago my forearms and back have red spots and look bad. A little itchy not bad. What is going on? Seems my doctors are real busy so I have an app. With a dermatologist. I think it’s the pralurent. Why can’t they lower the doses to say 25 ml?

    • Richard James McKay says:

      I have had the same. It took about 3 months from starting fortnightly 150ml injections in Nov 2016. Raised, itchy lumps, mainly on my torso, would appear. Often they would merge over a 3 day period, then ease a little before disappearing, leaving a darkish discolouration. Other lumps would then appear. My GP discounted any link so I continued to inject till end March 2017. A peak occurred in June and only from July have the lumps really reduced in severity and frequency, with just occasional lumps now, on a much smaller scale. The Lipid Clinic at the QE Birmingham say the timing makes it most unlikely that Praluent was the cause. I have to wait till end Aug for an NHS dermatologist’s appointment. It cut my cholesterol from 4.6 on 80 mg Atorvastatin + Ezetimibe to 2.3, but I couldn’t stand the adverse reaction.

  3. kendall lewis says:

    1st Dose of 75mg Of Praulent almost Killed me, 2 hours after dose, started extreme itching on palms of hands and pads of both feet, Then the swelling started, at first i notice it in my hands, i could not close my hand, then soreness to walk because of the swelling, then my Throat started to shut, Laboring in breathing, Rushed to the hospital for a Steroid shot, Left the hospital, Next day started the same symptoms all over again, Then i started getting confused, irritable and grouchy, Then Welps and Rash all over, The welps Itched so bad it was unbearable, this was the second day, 3rd day runny nose, aching, caughing, and can not keep my Sugar under control, normal sugar is 128 with Meds, Now it is 333,,,Wow, the doctor now put me on Prednosone Steroids, The itching is slowing down, the sugar is still high, the aches and pains still there, and now Blistering on the Palms of both Hands,,,They need to Stop this Drug Now, I did not know that this could happen and was not informed of any adversed reactions

  4. Cathy says:

    Does anyone know if taking Praluent .will affect your creatin number in a blood test?

  5. Janet says:

    Just received Rx for 75 mg Praluent injector. Not happy taking cholesterol meds in first place. Last combined level was 143. Mother & aunts are much higher, some over 400. Quit smoking 3 months ago. After reading here am thinking will just continue to take Turmeric curcumin & not smoke. Still ache from taking one 10 mg atorvastatin a week ago. Done. Chinese Hamster ovary biologic may need some more work in the USA. Our government/FDA would probably OK arsenic if we weren’t looking. Big pharma needs to keep us sick & poor. Sounds like will be easier to survive another heart attack instead of these meds. Insane. Already died once; allowed to be here for some purpose until time to die again.

    • Carlos says:

      I took it for a year and I did not notice it after my knees started to feel as though someone was squeezing them tight along with leg cramps. I notice in my daily life I was getting slow solving problems on my job and at home, plenty of time second guess which I never did. Being off of it for almost 4 months I don’t have the tightness in my legs or knee joints and my mind is getting back to what it used to be. So I started to research and found out all my problems might of been ssscoiated with the injection. As soon as I started to inject myself my total went from 170 down to 104 within 6 months. So I researched some more and found out that getting your number low is not the most important thing to do, it the ratio of the good 45 count vs the bad 62 count. With my good being 45 count I should have a total of 150 – 170 that would put my ratio of about 3.7. Along the way found out your brain is made up of about 30% chorlestrol, so if the total gets to low you can loss or have trouble with your memory, lucky for me I found out soon enough to do something about it.

  6. Qudsia Davis says:

    I have been taking praulent 75mg for months. My cholesterol is slightly better. As of November I have started having high blood pressure at night. I did have hypertension and took Lisinopril 30 mg am. Now I take Lisinopril and Amlodipine and still unable to control the high spike at night. Wondering if praulent could be the culprit? Please someone respond?

    • Editor says:

      The best is for you to speak to your doctor about your concerns. The side effcets associated with this drug can be severe.

    • Linda Harding says:

      Very difficult lowering BP. Accidentally discovered that my RX Tizanidine (muscle relaxer) has a side effect of lowering BP. It works on ME in approx 30 min. When my BP numbers are really high, it is the ONLY thing that works I should say that Carvedilol worked on BP BUT made me incontinent. Big problem but may be different for you. Ask your doctor. Good luck, Linda

  7. Chris prats says:

    I started taking the Praluent injections October. So far I’ve had five injections. when I started I was healthy vibrant went to the gym twice today. I can only say I would not recommend this drug. my symptoms were I felt horrible and my skin burned. My doctor insisted I take this drug even knowing my total cholesterol was only 150. when I told him I would not take it anymore he seemed pretty upset and is wanting to put me on another experimental drug. He did say that Tumeric would help bring my cholesterol down. so that’s what I chose now. Also I am on a detox program now to get this stuff out of my system.

    • Carlos says:

      Same here, i just wrote a comment on the same lines. Now I have a health coach who is a cordiloigist RN at a hospital and she is steering me in the right direction in what I put in to my body instead of the medicine that was just coving up what was wrong with my chorlestrol, good luck.

  8. Chris prats says:

    I started this drug about six months ago. I remember telling the doctor I felt like it was 19 years old. My total cholesterol was only 150 but he insisted I take this drug. now after six months I have a little energy, my skin burns and itches. I’m forgetful and I just feel sick. I will not take this drug again.

  9. marlene fisher says:

    Ok…… This was a terrible choice for me. The side affects after 1 dose was of the drug was just terrible…….Leg cramps… Bad, black dreams… Palpitations…. Anxiety, depression… Mood swings……brain fog…… I could go on….. Im sorry I tried it !!!!!!! I just wish the doctors were told the truth by the drug company rather then believe this is some miracle drug……It can be dangerous !!!!!!


  10. Glyn Farber says:

    My wife just started taking this drug about 6 months ago. Now her A1C 15. Any reports of effecting blood sugars. We called the company and they said no. She is also very dizzy all the time.

  11. lynne says:

    I have the familial type of high cholesterol and have had lots of issues with statins over the years and have never been able to stay on them or even get good results when I was taking them. In Feb I had a stroke my level was over 350.

    I tried Lipator again and then was convinced that Repatha was the way to go. It has gotten my levels down but my insurance will not cover. Now I was told that they will cover Praluent. Is there a difference?

  12. jerry says:

    I have been taken the drug praluent for 2 months it works great but I broke out with rashes all across my chest itching and redness. Will stop taking it.

  13. Janice Letchworth says:

    I am a 64 year old female. My heart problems started 4 years ago. I have had coronary artery bypass surgery (92% blockage LAD, 92% blockage RCA and 2 more minor arteries), multiple stent placements (they re-occlude with in months), last stent placement was RCA that was bypasses with mammary artery just 4 years ago…80% blocked…again, 4 heart attacks, one with significant damage to heart muscle ( including an aneurysm in my left the left heart ventricle. I have had hereditary hypercholesterolemia since I was in my early 20’s, and weighed 90 pounds. I have had 14 injections of praulent 75 mg. After my 6 th injection, my (total) cholesterol dropped from over 500 to 220. My lipids dropped from a whopping 1400 to the 300 range. These are the lowest numbers I have ever had. I have severe reactions to statins, Niacin, and anything else I have tried. I had a heart cath in May and for the first time ever, all of my grafts and stents were open! I too am leary of new meds. The only difference that I see after the Praulent injections are mild upper resp. symptoms (cough, nasal drainage, sneezing). I am extremely tired after very mild activities though ( such as grooming my hair!), and continue to have chest pains. I am pleased with the results, but am still afraid if this medicine. What is your feelings?

  14. Gary Yerby says:

    I had to stop taking statins because of the pain it was causing. Doc wanted me to try pcsk9 inhibitor. I told him I did not want to be a guinea pig for a new medicine. He assured me it had no side effects. So I tried it and from the beginning have had a bad irregular heart beat. It would start the day after taking the shot and be bad for four or five days and then get a little better and then in two weeks I would take another shot and the cycle would start over again. I stopped taking it a couple weeks ago. Have gotten better but still having some palpitations on a regular basis. I am hoping this is not going to be a permanent condition. If it does not clear up in a couple weeks I am going to see my cardiologist. I don’t know how long this stuff can stay in ones system. I believe these drugs are being rushed to the market without enough study.

  15. dan says:

    I have taken these injections for almost 3/4 a year. Developed a dry cough a runny nose and a wheeze in my chest that won’t go away. Don’t smoke, had chest exrays. Muscle cramp bad like all over my body. Felt like a muscle tear, lasted a few minutes. After reading all the completes and problems it’s time to quite. Flax seed and nacian worked for me with just a few side effects. Skin flushing but a lot safer. Who could pay 3500.00 for a few month supply anyways. Time for the people to put it to the drug
    Companies. Where is a good lawyer when you need one.

  16. Editor says:

    Thanks for your comment Scott,

    It’s good to hear that you are not having severe side effects from the drug Praluent, which unfortunately is not the case for thousands of users who like yourself have been led to believe that their cholesterol levels pose a risk to their heart health when in fact it is an essential building block for cell membranes and necessary for many biological function including keeping your brain healthy.

    • Scott says:

      I am not saying it’s not necessary, but for some one like me who has a choice over having high cholesterol and most likely having another event or having a lower cholesterol level which should help me in the long run. Painting a broad stroke saying thats it’s bad for everyone is very hard to determine since it’s just came out of testing and its not even available for perscription yet. You have to go to the doctor and they decide if you need it. Then it has to go through Praluent to see if you even qualify. You just can’ walk in and say I would like this medicine that I have to inject myself with please. I’t won’t happen. It is meant to be a last resort not a first line of defense.

      Simple truth is it’s been in testing for a long time but it has just came out to the masses and that is even a small group. I’d like to wait and see before running around crying foul. Time will tell and I may have more of it due to Praluent.

      All drugs have side effects and if you don’t feel right taking it then stop.

      • Editor says:

        Yes, all drugs have side effects… and that is exactly what is wrong with the pharmaceutical industry – it has been unable to produce any drug without side effects. Just because this sad reality is accepted by the uninformed masses, does not make this approach to medicine right. Fortunately, a healthy and active lifestyle combined with a balanced low-carb and low-sugar diet, rich in healthy saturated fats, do not have side effects like urinary tract infections, muscle spasm, contusion, musculoskeletal pain and neurocognitive events, confusion or memory impairment. There is also the FACT (yes it is a fact) that to date there is no conclusive scientific evidence that directly links cholesterol to heart disease, meaning that the entire cholesterol-drug industry is built on no scientific evidence.

        Good luck and do let us know your personal results of this post-marketing trial you have been enrolled in.

        • Lauren says:

          just a question…… Do you think it’s just a coincidence that people with familial high cholesterol die early from heart disease? You think that’s not documented? If someone you loved was likely going to die from heart disease you wouldn’t at least want something like this as an option? Ever heard of lipid apheresis? .. it been around for years ..and it was the onlyn other option for these patient other than to just deal with knowing they will die early.. . it’s crazy expensive and it’s done every other week for 6-8 hours it’s invasive and painful … I am so thankful for the drug companies and this medication .. it means I can spend more time in life with the person I love.

          • Editor says:

            Coincidentally, I have been diagnosed with familial high cholesterol at the age of 5 and was told that I would probably not live past the age of 35. I am turning 42 this year and have run the full gamut of cholesterol-lowering drugs including statin drugs, which nearly destroyed my health completely. I live a full, happy and active life – without taking any pharmaceutical drugs for the past 10 years. Perhaps another option is not to be scared by the mainstream with an early death, but instead to take control (and responsibility) of your own health without relying on pharmaceutical drugs as the only option of “survival”. Just a thought.

  17. Wendy says:

    I started taking Praluent about 5 weeks ago. I immediately lost my voice and developed a dry hard cough. The laryngitis lasted 3 weeks and I haven’t fully recovered my voice. My last shot was a week ago. That very day, I developed a sore throat that hasn’t gone away either. I’ve also developed the same symptoms as I had with the statins: extreme muscle pain that also affects my joints. I’m not taking it anymore. I didn’t put all the symptoms together until my husband and I were talking about how much pain I was in. After looking up the side effects, we’ve come to the conclusion that Praluent is the cause. I never get sick, never get the flu, and never lose my voice. It’s just too coincidental that all of this happened after I took my first shot.

  18. Pamela says:

    I just found out that my mother who is 75 and has minimal hypertension was put on Praluent this drug because her ldl was 180. She has no other health issues, is very active and is a healthy weight. I told her that her doctor was treating her like a lab rat and she was given her second shot yesterday. I just found out today and will be stopping this tomorrow. We have taken eggs, beef, pork, butter and cheese out of her diet and I will make sure that she is not their guinea pig. How will our seniors fight off savvy doctors who are being paid by pharmaceutical companies to push this drug. Also for us as Black Americans this looks too much like an abuse of the Human Subject rights that the IRB should protect us from. Who knows the true side effects of this drug….after thousands die then a law suit, I don’t think so, not for my mother.

  19. Steve says:

    I am a 54 year old male recently diagnosed wth familial hypercholesterolemia. I have no other real health issues, work out 6 times per week, don’t smoke, am not overweight, and watch my diet. I took Crestor for 10 years with issues. I went off and my LDL shot up to 160. My doctor insisted I take action, and suggested Praluent. I elected to go back to 10mg of Crestor, and after one dose am already feeling side effects.

    I was told there is an ultrasound that can be done of your heart to see if you have any plaque build-up. Does anyone know about this? Would love to stay statin-free, but still want to see my kids grow up.

    • Editor says:

      Hi Steve,

      The ultra sound is called Carotid UltraSound. Read more here about it:

    • Beverly Sears says:

      Don’t go with that new drug praluent 75 MG/ML PEN all the heart Drs will be pushing it has very bad side affects I use an herbal that keeps my chlosteral at normal numbers my last cholesterol check my dr said said my chlosteral was very good! Niacin 500mg it’s flush free! It’s works very good! Bev Sears

    • Frank says:

      The test is called Calcium scan or you need to get a calcium score. I had the same problem you have. My cholesterol was 170 for many years, i have been on crestor 20 mg , went down to 120 but couldn’t tolerate the pain. 50 years old, healthy, work out every day, non smoker or other issues. I decided to have a calcium score done , very easy imaging test, i had a very high score suggesting calcium build up on my arteries. no chest pain . I decided to have an angiogram to be safe and found out over 80%blockage in my main artery, LAD aka widow maker. Had to put a stent to open it. Since then i have been on Praulant with no side effects, my cholesterol is down to 51 now.
      good luck.

    • Marie says:

      Steve , I had a MRI image my heart , it found 3 major blockages. Healty 56 vegetarian but knew my cholesterol was high as it is genetic ended up having a triple bypass…this machine was awsome but from what I understand there are only 4 heart MRI machines in the US …one in Hawaii , Kauai , one in LA , Mayo Clinic , and Cleveland..I did have an ultrasound for my coradid arterys they were good ..
      Good luck hope this helped.

  20. Jane says:

    My husband took this injection of Praluent 3 days ago for hereditary cholesterol issues. My husband has always been even tempered (except for the time he was on Crestor). Today the same agitation, hostility and headaches seem to be coming back and I can’t help but think this new drug is the culprit, have you heard of this?!

    • Gary says:

      My wife committed suicide this past Monday just 3 days after taking a Praluent injection!

      I would recommend you see your doctor immediately. Just be careful as there were absolutely no signs that my wife was depressed.

  21. Matt Golub says:

    I have hypercholesterolemia 10 years ago they tried statins which almost killed me, started to have kidney failure. I have had 2 cardio events within the last 3 month. Both of them required stent placed in my heart, 2 3 months ago and 2 more placed just 2 weeks ago. In the 2nd heart cath my OM 1 was 100% blocked. My Doctor insisted on trying Praluent even though I have serious reactions to medication all medication Welbrutin pure me in respitory distress, Metforman caused lactic acidosis. My nutritionist is the one who discovered that I have the MTHFR gene mutation C677T. I am also from Ashkenazi Jewish decent, which muddies the water even further. Within 15 min of receiving Praluent my right foot turned purple lasted 15 minutes next lost my voice, falling day every inch of my skin felt like it was on fire like a bad sun burn from the inside. I couldn’t put anything on it hurt so bad. It’s been 2 weeks since the injection and I’m still having issues I’m very angry for no reason having problems spelling simple words in fact it took me over an hour to write this. Someone please help me any explanation will help. My skin still burns every muscle hurts and I’m loosing reasons to keep going. I only 57 years old but feel like I’m at the end of my life. I have never felt this bad ever.
    Matt Golub

    • Editor says:

      Matt, if you are still taking Praluent you should speak to your doctor about stopping this drug. It clearly is doing you a lot damage. As for your cholesterol (and as someone with hereditary hypercholesterolemia and who is not taking ANY drugs), my question to you is this: Have your cholesterol caused you any health problems? Or are you simply being told that it is a problem, because it is not at ‘normal’ levels?

    • dawn says:

      Please, Please, stop taking this drug!!!! I have been taking this for three years and my last blood readings were higher then they were when i started!!!! The side affects for me have been severe hair loss, horrible nightmares and really bad memory loss (my sons were ready to put me in a nursing home!!!!) I have been off this drug for four months and i still have a hard time finding the right words to express myself as a matter of fact I have had a hard time writing this!!! so if you don’t mind walking around bald and sleepless with a loss of memory, this drug is for— NO ONE THAT I KNOW OF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Marie says:

        I am sorry to hear of your problems and relate to them but was wondering about the 3 years as it only was avalible a year ago.

  22. Deb Alves says:

    was taking niacin to lower cholestrol. Read article that it will bring blood sugars up. I’m a diabetic,what should I do?

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Just RSVP below for immediate access to this valuable report, with our sincere compliments.

As you'll discover in your FREE report, there are safe, natural ways to protect your heart without the use of risky, side-effect-ridden drugs.

And that's not all. When you enter your email address, you'll also receive the Daily Health e-letter. Each day in the Daily Health, you'll get:

• News on the latest cutting-edge natural health breakthroughs.
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